Arachnoiditis: A quiet web of suffering and conspiracy

"Whatsoever things I see or hear concerning the life of men, in my attendance on the sick or even apart there from, which ought not be noised abroad, I will keep silence thereon, counting such things to be as sacred secrets. "

- Oath of Hippocrates, 4th Century, B.C.E.

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Direct injury to the spine. Dyes used in diagnostic tests. Infection from bacteria or viruses. Complications from spinal surgery or other invasive spinal procedures

Pain, headaches, numbness, burning, tingling, sight problems, dizziness, nausea, weakness, paralysis, loss of sensation in legs, uncontrollable twitching..

Why, fourteen years from first putting cursor to screen, am I still working to help people worldwide who are lost and confused by denial, suffering in pain and disability, yearning for a diagnosis and/or justice, because of medical procedures that the vested interests in our medical industries keep using?

One answer is simple, because to stop would be tantamount to admitting that these procedures are simply not dangerous as the medical profession would have us believe; but they are, so dangerous that each patient treated by using them is actually taking part in a lottery where iatrogenic arachnoiditis is, far too often, the first prize.

Doing so would open them up to the main disincentive that halts honest reporting of such adverse events and effects - litigation, and the secondary disincentive - loss of earnings and profits. Our system is not simply broken it has never been effective and could never be effective unless and until it rewards humble truth without seeking to punish.

Only our politicians can change the law and create a system that does the opposite, initiating a legal requirement to report all adverse events and effects of medical drugs and procedures and, finally, halt the "off label use" of drugs. Only you can demand new laws that will ensure patient safety in the future and disempower the vested interests who currently ensure that profits drive treatment options.

Please read through the contents of the site and educate yourself about the existing risks and the tradgedies they have created. If you want to support the work of there are "Donate" buttons available and even the smallest sums will help to finance the website and the work I do behind the scenes.

Whatever you do contact your own political representative, wherever you live, to get the ball moving and demand answers in order to ensure that it keeps moving and building. It won't happen overnight but persistence will make sure that it does - one voice today can become a roaring crowd that cannot be ignored tomorrow. In the meantime I hope and trust that what you learn today will arm you and your family against becoming an iatrogenic Arachnoiditis victim.

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Epidural InjectionsInformation on Epidural Steroid Injections and their uses.

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Pain reliefThe symptoms of Arachnoiditis can vary enormously and everyone has their own way of coping with chronic pain.  We have put together some practical ways of coping.

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