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Arachnoiditis a web of pain


"Whatsoever things I see or hear concerning the life of men, in my attendance on the sick or even apart there from, which ought not be noised abroad, I will keep silence thereon, counting such things to be as sacred secrets. "

- Oath of Hippocrates, 4th Century, B.C.E.


Why, fourteen years from first putting cursor to screen, am I still working to help people worldwide who are lost and confused by denial, suffering in pain and disability, yearning for a diagnosis and/or justice, because of medical procedures that the vested interests in our medical industries keep using?

One answer is simple, because to stop would be tantamount to admitting that these procedures are simply not dangerous as the medical profession would have us believe; but they are, so dangerous that each patient treated by using them is actually taking part in a lottery where iatrogenic arachnoiditis is, far too often, the first prize. 


Within our pages we can offer information on

  • Arachnoiditis back pain - ways to cope with the chronic and debilitating back pain caused by Arachnoiditis.
  • Arachnoiditis symptoms - we can give you an idea of the symptoms of Arachnoiditis which are many and varied from person to person.
  • Arachnoiditis fibromyalgia - we can offer advice on how to go about getting a diagnosis and escape the fibromyalgia trap.
  • Adhesive arachnoiditis - what is it, we try to explain.
  • Arachnoiditis treatment and therapy - the do's and don'ts when thinking about therapy, excercise or miracle cures.
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